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Welcome from City Mission Whanganui

About Us

City Mission Whanganui was established in 1991 and is a joint venture between Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. The Board of Trustees is predominantly made up of representatives of these four denominations. City Mission Whanganui is the trading name of Christian Social Services Whanganui and is registered as a charitable trust: CC29716

Our Mission Statement

"Empowering people encountering life"

Our Objectives

To meet the basic needs of warmth, food, friendship and hope,for all people,and to help them find their place in our community.

To liaise and work with other agencies effecting positive social change.

To positively promote the City Mission in the community,politically and within churches.

To strategically plan for the changing needs of society.

To acknowledge the treaty of Waitangi as the founding document for Aotearoa New Zealand.

To be an advocate for those people who are disadvantaged or unjustly treated.

Our guiding principles

To do together as members of the City Mission that which we could not do alone.

To be culturally sensitive and to do that which empowers

To respect all individuals

To be socially sensitive

To be practical and realistic

To seek to implement the Treaty of Waitangi

To be identifiably Christian

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