Hi, my name is Michelle Wilson, and I work as the Manager at Zest for Mission. I have been working here for over 7 years now. Before this, I worked as a registered nurse in Auckland, but we moved to Whanganui about 27 years ago with our home-based business. We started wholesale to retail selling from our house and large garage.

I am a mother of two grown-up children, and both of them are currently living with me. My job is quite interesting and stimulating as every day, there is something new happening at the store. It’s not just about selling and donating goods, but also about interacting with the staff and customers, which makes it more exciting.

Apart from work, I love animals and have a dog, cats, birds, and chinchillas (not all of them belong to me). I also foster cats and kittens for the SPCA. In my free time, I enjoy doing diamond dot art, playing computer games, and watching TV with my children.